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The Port of Chicago is a Great Lakes Port, as well as an Inland Rivers Port operated by the Illinois International Port District (IIPD). The port has two major facilities on Lake Michigan, Lake Calumet, and the Calumet River.

At the entrance to the Calumet River is the Iroquois Landing facility that receives international ship traffic through the St Lawrence Seaway. It also receives cargo via barge from the Gulf of Mexico and from locations up and down the Mississippi River.

Lake Calumet is a facility known as the Senator Dan Dougherty Harbor. This facility also receives international shipping traffic via the St Lawrence Seaway and barge traffic.

The facilities accepts bulk, breakbulk, liquid bulk, and container traffic. According to the IIPD, “The Port of Chicago truly brings the world markets to Chicago’s doorstep and Chicago’s products to the world.”


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How to Create a Plastic Ball Beach

In recent years there has been a proliferation of container-based buildings in Phoenix, Arizona.  From providing market-rate rental accommodation to retail space, shipping containers are getting a new lease of life.  

Let’s take a look at some statistics. It takes 1.1 million plastic balls to fill 12,840 cubic feet of pit space, with the deepest end measuring three feet. The balls were shipped straight from Sydney, where they were placed in 2,200 cardboard boxes (each labeled “BALL PIT BALLS”). After that, the boxes were loaded into seven shipping containers and sent to their chilly destination across the equator.

At Navy Pier in Chicago, a crew of 12 unloaded 2,200 boxes, with 50 employees putting their day’s work on hold to assist unpack 1.1 million balls. Employees used garden tools to sweep and toss the balls about while leveling out the rising mound of plastic. 


Shipping containers are used as a modular private gym.

A Chicago-based company has created “gyms of the future” from a 20-square-foot shipping container.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, a new health company called BOLD has built a modular training center out of shipping containers and enables users to work out in a secure, private environment.

You may schedule 60-minute activities at BOLD. If you’re searching for a personal trainer, they can lead you to ones who are available in the area. If you want additional information about this company, click here.

The Boxville Marketplace in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood is a new retail and street food destination that brings together the city’s best elements – art, music, cuisine, and micro-businesses.

The award-winning marketplace began with just one retail space built out of a shipping container in 2014 which has evolved into a fast growing retail destination with 17 stores and small businesses all constructed from containers. The marketplace has grown since its inception and now includes a variety of unique and colorful businesses including The Boxville Gallery, The Hotdog Box, Da Book Joint, Natty Bwoy, Stoviink, and more. Check out the full list of businesses here.


Shipping your container internationally?

You will need a cargo worthy container that has passed a survey inspection. Our network of IICL certified inspectors can provide an independent survey inspection that ensures that your “shipper owned container” is cargo-worthy/seaworthy.
They will provide a one-page inspection detailing any necessary repairs and will certify that your shipping container is structurally sound and good for international shipping.
They will apply a new CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) sticker showing that your container has passed. This sticker is good for 1 year.
If your container needs repair, the certificate will be applied once the necessary repairs are made.

For more information on shipping internationally, read our
Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping Internationally.


We can also help with custom modifications in Chicago, Illinois. This includes roll-up doors, personnel doors, repainting, lockboxes, sliding doors, office mods, water purification, equipment rooms, and more. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.


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Nothing, shipping containers have many names. Including: Storage Container, Dry Van (DV), General Purpose (GP), Conex, Connex, Cargo Container, ISO Container, C Can, Sea-Can, Ocean Container, Railroad Container, Steel Container and more.

A refurbished container will cost more than an inspected used container because of the man-hours and resources needed to repaint it. Here are some of the steps involved:

  • The entire exterior needs to be wire wheeled and primed with a DTM primer.
  • Any dents or scratches will need to be repaired and the container rust-proofed.
  • The container will also be power washed before being spray-painted with latex house paint.
  • The refurbishing of the interior will also cost extra.

If you’d like to buy a refurbished container, please call us for more details. 

Yes, we do. You can find the most common parts on our product page. Please call us if there is a specific part that you require.

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