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When choosing to buy a shipping container, it’s important to understand the difference between container conditions and grades so that you can be sure you select the right container for your requirements.

We have three conditions: Used, One Trip, and Refurbished. These conditions are further broken down into grading which gives an indication of the state and structural soundness of the container. The condition and grade of the container will directly influence the price. Plus, the distance of the shipping container near your location.



Our most popular container, used general purpose containers have been in heavy-duty shipping service for 5 to 15 years before being “retired.”

Most used shipping containers will have the original paint and shipping line markings. They will also have surface rust, dents, and abrasions. Used shipping containers might not look good on the outside and inside, but depending on their grade, they will be structurally sound and some may still be suitable for export.

New One Trip

New One Trip shipping containers may have minor dents, dings and scrapes which are a result of normal shipping and handling during their long ocean journey.

These new shipping containers are manufactured in Asia and then shipped to our various depots around the world. In order to reduce the cost of shipping and provide our customers with the best prices we load these new containers with cargo 1 time. This helps us offset the re-positioning costs and allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. Hence the name “New One Trip


Refurbished containers are used Wind and Water Tight (WWT) containers that have been prepped, primed and repainted. Refurbishing gives a shipping container a new lease of life and can extend the lifespan of the container. We offer three levels of refurbishment on a Used Wind and Water Tight container:

Typical refurbishment
Full refurbishment
Factory refurbishment
This is a complete overhaul of the shipping container.


Used shipping containers are inspected and graded according to age, structural soundness, exterior and interior condition, number of miles travelled, damage and repair history, as well as the weather conditions that it was stored and shipped. When looking for a container, you’ll find the following grades.

Wind And Water Tight (WWT)

Our most popular grade, Wind and Water Tight containers are used shipping containers that are guaranteed not to leak.

Although they won’t leak, you can expect WWT shipping containers to have original paint, surface rust, dents, and abrasions from heavy-duty shipping service. The external appearance might even be ugly for these containers.

Cargo Worthy (CW)

Cargo Worthy shipping containers have been inspected and deemed to be structurally sound and safe for international transport by sea, rail, and road.

Externally, it will have original paint (color may vary), old shipping markings, surface rust, abrasions, and dents. If you need a container for export, it will need to have a container survey and a valid CSC inspection sticker.


An IICL container meets the stringent inspection requirements set by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) and is deemed as suitable for export.

IICL containers will have a higher book value because of their excellent condition. Their external appearance will look much better than a WWT container.

As Is

An As Is container is a shipping container that has been inspected and found to be damaged so severely that it will cost too much to repair to make it Wind and Water Tight.

There will be external and internal issues with the container such as holes, broken flooring, and other structural issues. Generally, we do not recommend that customers buy an As Is container unless it will be used for some purpose where structural soundness and exterior is not required.


We have three selection options: First Off The Stack, Exclusive Group, and You Pick.

First Off The Stack

Shipping containers are stacked in depots. First Off The Stack literally means the container at the top or first off. When you choose this option, we cannot guarantee the color or the external appearance of the container.

However, if you choose a WWT or CW container, it’s guaranteed not to leak.

Exclusive Group

Choose a container from an exclusive group that we have handpicked and are guaranteed to be WWT.

Know the color, grade, and external appearance of your shipping container before it arrives.

You Pick

These containers will have been surveyed and photographed at the depot.

When you choose a “You Pick” container you will get the photographs and the inspection details so that you know what to expect.

If You Need Help In Choosing Your Container, Give Us A Call. Our Team Is Standing By.

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When I called them there is always someone who is willing to help you and provide you all the details you need. A warm and top notch service from sales person to delivery driver.

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