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On-Site Storage Solutions is the perfect solution for your temporary or long-term storage container needs! We offer a wide selection of secure, heavy duty storage containers perfect for safe and reliable storage. Our nationwide delivery and pick-up service make it easy to rent the shipping container you need—no matter where you may be. Don’t wait any longer—get the storage space you need today with On-Site Storage Solutions!

Reasons to rent a shipping from On-Site Storage Solutions

 • Unbeatable rental rates – Affordable monthly rates and discounted long-term rental options 

• We have locations near you – We provide quick delivery and lower cost, so you can get the storage space you need right  away.

 • Huge inventory – We offer a wide variety of sizes so you can choose the perfect shipping container for your needs.

 • Superior customer service team – Ready to guide you through the process, we guarantee you’ll find the storage solution you need without hassle or delay!


Storage containers for rent: job onsite, small businesses, moving solutions, portable storage, and more.

If you are in need of affordable secure dry storage, renting shipping container is a great option. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, On-site Storage Solutions is the answer. We offer affordable rates on a hugh selection of container.

Benefits of renting a shipping container

• When you need a temporary storage or one-time-use solution, renting a shipping container can be a perfect choice.

• It is convenient and simple to order and use. If you need a quick secure storage solution at an afford able price then a storage container is a perfect choice.

Renting can be more cost-effective than purchasing. Less costly upfront versus purchasing.

• Storage where you need it with secure ground level access.

• As an added bonus, there’s no need for maintenance when renting—it’s all taken care of by us!


For the best shipping container rental deals, choose On-Site Storage Solutions! Our shipping container rentals and refrigerated container rentals are available at the lowest rates nationwide. We offer short-term and long-term rental rates and flexible financing options. We strive to make renting a storage container easy and affordable. Give us a call at (888) 667-4834 and we’ll guide you through the entire process.


Got a custom container project in mind? Let us make it happen! From quick roll-up door installations to elaborate container homes, we can do it all. Get upfront pricing by sending your details through our web form or simply give us a call at (888) 667-4834. We believe in providing straightforward and affordable solutions to our customers.



Looking for a way to purchase a shippin container?  Everyone qualifies for rent-to-own shipping container financing by My Container Rental.  No credit check required.  We offer 12, 24, 36 and 48 month programs on almost all containers except As Is condition containers and working refrigerated containers. 



Looking for a way to purchase a shipping container? On-Site Storage Solutions offers lease-to-purchase options through TimePayment, so qualified applicants (minimum 550 FICA) can purchase their shipping container over time. Payments are usually lower than off-site storage rental rates and you’ll get the added benefit of owning your container at the end of your term – plus you’ll have easy access to the storage on-site. Call us now at (888) 667-4834 and we’ll get you started!



The most commonly used sizes of shipping containers are 20′ and 40′. Generally speaking, it costs between $100 to $150 per month to rent a 20’ container and around $150 to $250 per month for a 40’ container – so make sure you evaluate your individual requirements before deciding which size works best.

We have over 60+ locations across the United States and can provide quick delivery and low rates – making it easy to get all of your storage needs taken care of!

Depending on your purpose, you’ll need to choose the container that suits your needs best. For instance, if you’re looking for temporary storage space while remodeling your home, a 20′ storage container provides close to 1,360 cubic feet of storage space – enough room to store the furniture and household items from a 3-to-4 bedroom house. If you need more room, our 40′ storage containers offer double the space; however, remember that items you load first will be difficult to reach since there’s only one set of double doors at one end. For creating a temporary office space or storing building supplies or heavy equipment, we recommend renting a 40ft container. Finally, for cold storage needs, we recommend a refrigerated container which is typically available in a 40-foot size. Need further assistance with deciding which size is best for you? Check out our helpful guide!

Our team can make the process easy and hassle-free. Just shop for a rental near you on our site, select the container that works best for you, and pay the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and delivery & pick-up fee in advance. Once your lease agreement is complete, we’ll coordinate delivery – just give us a call at (888) 667-4834 if you have any questions! We’re here to make sure you get the best shipping container rental experience.

When it comes to shipping containers, you have the option of renting or purchasing one. Renting is an affordable secure option if you need a container temporarily for moving and storage. However, if you require long-term or permanent storage then it may be beneficial to purchase one. We offer the lowest prices and affordable financing options plus consignment and buyback options to make the process easier.

Deciding whether to rent or rent-to-own your shipping container depends on your needs. Renting is an affordable temporary option that provides secure storage where you need it.  If you need long-term or permanent storage you may want to consider purchasing a container.   If your budget is limited you can consider our flexible financing options which include rent-to-own and lease-to-purchase financing.   These provide an affordable way to get the storage you need immediately at a cost that meets your budget. The benefit of purchase financing is you will own the shipping container at the end of the term.  We make the application process simple and everyone qualifies for RTO and there is no credit check required.  Give us a call at (888) 667-4834 and our experts can help answer any questions you may have!

Shipping containers and pods both offer storage solutions and can be used for moving needs. Pods are smaller storage units, typically 10-foot boxes, not made of steel, and not considered wind or watertight. They are generally better suited for short-term storage or cross-country moves due to their transportability. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are larger, made of stainless steel, are considered wind and watertight, and are better for long-term storage as they can keep your items safe and dry while keeping pests out.

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Star was able to answer all my questions and gave me certainty on the container I was getting. Was able to get a nice deal on the unit! Thanks so much. Highly recommended!

Kaye Nabaza


I’m glad I was assisted by Gene. He’s very thorough and informative. Bought 4 20 ft last month for storage since we moved and no issues. Thank you!

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The online experience was good and Jhie handled with a 5 Star plus customer service! Delivery was within the time stated and the container arrived as described. Kudos to this outlet!

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My sales agent Eloise was very patient with my queries and reassured me that my container of choice was perfect for my upcoming project. Thanks hun! xx

Regina Foz

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