Shipping Policy

For an additional cost, On-Site Storage Solutions “the Company” offers shipping container delivery as a courtesy to our Customers to help facilitate the purchase process. All the delivery services we offer are provided by independent third-party companies.  Delivery timing is usually 7-10 days from the date of purchase. The cost of delivery via tilt-bed trailer is estimated at $5-$6 per mile and the cost via flatbed is estimated at $2-$3 per mile.  Flatbed delivery requires that the Customer have the ability to offload the container(s) from the trailer via crane or large forklift.  If you prefer you can make arrangements to pick up your shipping container(s) to save on the delivery cost.  The Customer agrees to hold harmless the Company, the Company employees, and all its agents of any/all liability associated with delivery or pick up of container and goods. 

Shipping container delivery is done using large trucks and trailers that can weigh over 30,000 lbs and can measure 70 feet long.  Customers are responsible for directing the delivery at the site and they represent and warrant that they have surveyed the delivery route and the delivery site and have conclusively determined that the delivery equipment and container(s) can be safely delivered without the delivery truck getting stuck or the risk of injury and damage.  If there is an issue with the delivery the Customer is responsible for all additional charges (ie.,dry run, detention time, towing).  The Company is not responsible for any loss due to delays.

If Customer needs to postpone or cancel a delivery there will not be any cancelation fees as long as the Customer gives Company a 48-hour notice. Deliveries that are canceled or postponed with less than a 48-hour notice are subject to a $300 cancelation fee. The On-site Storage Solutions only serves the United States and Canada and does not ship internationally but we can provide certified containers for international shipping.  If you need help with shipping your container internationally we can provide contact information for freight forwarding companies that can arrange shipping overseas.