Conex Containers for Sale

Conex containers, storage containers, freight containers, high-cube containers, intermodal containers – these are names describing what is commonly known as shipping containers. Searching for Conex containers for sale reveals all these different terms; don’t be confused. However, not all shipping or Conex containers for sale are the same. These containers vary greatly. Because they’re costly it is important to make sure you’re getting proper value.

About Conex Containers

There are a few things to know about Conex containers. The first is they’re different from standard storage containers. All Conex containers can be used as storage containers, but not all storage containers are used as Conex containers. Conex containers are strong – they are made of steel and last for up to 50 years depending on maintenance. They are made of material resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater. A Conex container lasts up to 18 years if used purely for shipping purposes, afterward it is usable for roughly 20 years for storage or other needs.

Not all Conex containers for sale are the same. You can purchase them new – they are called new one-use containers – and have only been used once. These are the best containers as they are almost brand new. Though most expensive, you will get the most use. If you want containers for shipping or for building housing/offices lasting a long time, these are your containers. The next best Conex containers for sale are weatherproof or airtight containers. They have been used a few times and don’t have dents, bumps, or holes weather can penetrate. These containers are great for those establishing storage facilities because they do not allow the buildup of moisture making them an excellent choice to resist the elements.

What should you look out for when considering Conex for sale?

  • Deep Rush Spots/Holes: The container will let in water and wind. Conex containers in this condition aren’t good for much unless you are looking to store items not affected by condensation.
  • Conex Floors: Carrying the weight of everything packed within, it is important to make sure floors are in excellent condition. Don’t assume because the walls look good the floors are in good condition too.
  • Locks: Make sure locks and latching mechanisms work properly and are rust-free.
  • Lack of Odor: Containers should smell fresh; if it smells odd steer clear of the container. It takes months to get rid of smells and some containers are used for transporting toxic substances. The good news is shipping companies have documentation when this is the case.
  • Amount of Dents and Dings: The more dents a container has the more compromised its structure. Dents and dings are unsightly if you plan to use yours for offices or living quarters.
  • Color – There’s red, maroon, black, blue, grey, and more. Decide which color best suits your needs, especially using containers for more than storage.
  • Modifications: Think about how you wish to use the conex container. There are several different uses so trust the right professionals to make the modifications work properly.

Where should you buy Conex containers for sale?

Choose conex container vendors carefully. Vendors who have been in business for years and have a record of reliability are the best to work with. Make sure they are known for getting the container to you on time and in good condition. Having attentive customer service is critical too. The best way to ascertain this information is in reviews.

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