Storage Container VS Pods: Shipping Containers As Alternative To Pods?

Many people get the terms “shipping container” and “storage pod” confused, believing they’re the same. The biggest differences are the sizes, construction, and purpose.

1. Size: PODS® largest size is 16 feet, whereas the longest shipping container we can supply is 53 feet, and the best value is at 40′, so you can get 2-3x the container space if you need it.


2. Construction: PODS® are merely steel-framed with weaker walls made from aluminum (same as a soda can) and fiberglass. Onsite Storage Containers are sturdier ALL-STEEL exterior construction, designed to outlast tougher impacts, weather, and last longer.They are meant for heavy-duty use on open seas and with heavy-duty lifts to move them on and off ships. With the rise of strong natural disasters, this is beneficial to protect whatever you put inside of it. The interior has wooden floors to make it easier to move items around on the flat wood.


3. Purpose: PODS® are better suited for moving, as they are lighter weight, whereas shipping storage containers are better for more storage space, more durability, and longer-term onsite storage. Our price is usually better per square foot too. Call or contact us for a quote.


If you’d like to learn more or have any queries regarding shipping containers vs pods, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 977-9085.