Shipping Containers Delivery Cost, Options & Preparations

Shipping containers are big and heavy. They are delivered using large trucks that can weigh over 45,000 lbs. To make sure that the delivery goes smoothly, here are a few factors to check.

How Much Do Shipping Container Delivery Cost?

The shipping container delivery cost is $300-$400 depending on your location and the distance traveled. We will include the delivery cost in your quote, so give us a call today.

How Soon Can You Deliver My Container?

If you need delivery, we can make this happen quickly — usually within 3-7 days.

Feel free to call us with any questions about delivery and, if you need to cancel, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. If there are weather issues in the forecast or on the day of delivery, please call us as soon as possible.

Do you have Enough Space?

Most containers are delivered using large vehicles that are about 10 feet wide. The entrance to your property should be at least 12 feet wide.

There should be enough space for the truck to maneuver safely without causing any damage.

We need at least 3 times the length of the shipping container to deliver it safely.

This gives the truck enough space to move forward and pull out from underneath the container:

  • For a 20-foot container, we need a straight 60 feet.
  • For a 40-foot container, we need a linear 120 feet.

 If your driveway space is limited, give us a call. We can arrange to use a rollback or flatbed tow truck that requires less area for delivery.

Is the site free of overhead branches and wires?

The height of a shipping container on a trailer or truck is about 14 feet. Please cut back any overhead branches or wires in the entrance or driveway.

The trailer raises the shipping container up to 21 feet during delivery. Make sure that there are no overhead branches or wires that can be damaged at the delivery site.

Are there any hazards that may get damaged or prevent the container delivery?

Ensure the delivery site is free from any hazards or buildings that might get damaged during delivery.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals. They will not deliver the container if the site is hazardous and will not take any responsibility for damage caused as a result of the delivery if the above measures have not been taken.

Which way should the container doors face?

Once containers have been delivered, it is very difficult to move them. Usually, shipping containers slide off the back of the truck or trailer and onto the ground as the truck moves forward.

When placing your order, we need to know which way the container doors should face:

  • “Doors to the Rear” means the double doors will be at the end of the trailer and will be the first thing that hits the ground when unloaded.
  • “Doors to the Cab” means the doors will face the cab of the truck and will be the last thing off the truck as the container slides off the truck.

On-Site Storage Solutions

Looking for flexible and affordable storage options? On-Site Storage Solutions has got you covered. Our wide range of shipping container sizes is available for purchase or rent, and we also offer financing programs to make them more accessible for our clients. With over 60 depot locations throughout the USA and Canada, we can provide fast and reliable delivery. Contact us at (888) 405-8772 to learn more about our rates and get started on your storage project today.