Shipping Containers for Sale

Choosing among sea containers for sale is no easy task. Finding the right company selling and renting sea containers isn’t difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Though containers are rarely brand new, buying yours from a trusted vendor ensures you won’t throw away money. Here are some ways to familiarize yourself with different types of containers and what to look for before buying one.

What is the difference between a sea container and a storage container?

This is an important distinction. There are major differences between sea containers and storage containers. A sea container is a much stronger box – typically made of steel and can be used for storage among other purposes. You’ll find sea containers used for housing, creating offices, trading spaces, and shipping. They come in different sizes – usually 20 or 40 feet long with a length of 9 ft 6″, 8 ft 6″, or 8 ft long. These containers are made of steel. When they are used for shipping they last up to 18 years after which they are retired and put to a different use for roughly 20 years.

A storage container is completely different – it can only be used for storage and nothing else. These containers are not strong like sea containers since they are made of aluminum. They are customized for storage including having rolling doors installed and are easily shelved. Storage containers don’t last as long as sea containers. Excellent care means a storage container will about 5 years before showing signs of wear and tear.

What should you consider when choosing sea containers for sale?

The best thing is to define your needs. What will you use the sea containers for? If needing long-term use you should be looking for sea containers used once – they are “new one trip containers”. If looking to store old equipment then used containers are a great option costing less. Here are other considerations:

• Size: Make sure you have the right size because returning shipping containers is difficult. Some containers are considered High Containers (HC). These containers are taller. So if you need high ceilings, these are perfect. If unsure, check with your vendor to find out their recommendations.

• Shipping: Use new one-trip containers. They are highly resistant to corrosive seawater.

• Weather-Proof: After new one-use containers, the next best is weatherproof. They have been used a little and don’t have dents. As they’re airtight, these containers are best to use in a storage facility.

• Modifications:  If using containers for offices or living quarters, buy from a company with modification experience and facilities.

What is the best company for sea containers for sale?

There are many companies selling sea containers. It is important to find a company that’s been in the business for years with lots of happy customers. Good companies have an array of sizes and shapes. They offer different types of sea containers. Once you decide on purchasing or renting these containers, be sure to get an estimate of delivery time. Use a company with a great record of delivering on time. Finally, a great customer service department is critical if you ever have issues with your containers. Good companies have no problem being accessible.

Onsite Storage Solutions checks all the boxes for being a great company to buy sea containers from. With a wide variety and competitive prices along with excellent customer service, you can rest assured you’ll get great service. Start your container journey with a custom container quote today.