The newest attraction in Miami, Florida is a tower bar built from stacked shipping containers

The beautiful floral archway welcomes people into the open air, vibrant setting – appropriately named “The Oasis.” The new “heartbeat” of the neighborhood is located in Wynwood at 2335 N Miami Ave., which has a total floor area of 35,000 square feet and includes outdoor space with shops and restaurants for people ready to have fun!

“Oasis Wynwood” is a unique outdoor food, beverage, and live performance venue featuring an eclectic mix of restaurants each housed in a  fully revamped shipping container painted in a beautiful pastel color palette. The restaurants at the Oasis include – Buenos, Chikin, Buya, Alidoro, Prince Street Pizza, and Mr. Mandolin.

The main attraction, however, is The Tower Bar that sits in the middle of the venue, with a height of 75 feet, and constructed entirely of stacked shipping containers, eight containers tall and two wide. The entire container building is itself a work of art, painted by renowned Spanish artist Antonyo Marest in a beautiful mural type motif.

When the lights at the base of the bar are illuminated at night, the magnificent building glows against the beautiful night sky backdrop, making it visible to those even well outside of the area. It is truly a sight to behold.

The Tower Bar structure is just one example of how creative entrepreneurs are utilizing shipping containers in place of traditional construction to create unique buildings that serve a variety of purposes, including a spectacular attractions, like the Tower Bar, or practical indoor spaces at the fraction of the cost.

Containers are commonly utilized for storage, but today’s entrepreneurs are coming up with new and innovative ideas to use them like turning them into restaurants, buildings, indoor farms, and even works of art,  because they are less expensive and faster to build. So, If you’re looking to launch a business with limited finances, a shipping container is ideal for you. If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, please contact us at (888) 405-8772. We’re here to assist you with your purchase decision. We’ll help you pick the perfect container for your exciting project.