What Are The Benefits of Having an On-Site Storage Container?

Space is such a commodity that nearly 10% of American households rent a storage unit. Households and businesses often need space regardless of if it’s temporary or permanent. Self-storage facilities are often more trouble than they’re worth, so having an on-site storage container is a great option because it’s more efficient and cost-effective. Here are the reasons why you should reject the self-storage facility in favor of on-site storage containers:

Benefits of an On-Site Storage Container

On-site storage offers a variety of benefits off-site facilities lack. The following are several of the most prominent advantages.

1. Easy Access

Access your items whenever you want. Self-storage units require spending time driving back and forth. This is a waste of gas while creating more wear and tear for the car. On-site storage also eliminates the problem of storing large, irregular items. Instead of dreading the logistics of transportation, just move it a few feet into the container. Doesn’t get easier than that.

2. Security You Can Control

Security concerns about self-storage abound. Would you trust someone you don’t know to protect your valuable items? Storing these items on your property gives you control. Set up locks, cameras, lighting, and other deterrents so you can sleep easier knowing your items are not being watched over by someone who doesn’t care as much as you do.

3. Store Items on Your Timetable

Self-storage units rent by the month and some have longer contracts. What if you need storage for a few days or a few weeks? On-site storage has greater flexibility because you are in charge of scheduling. Have it dropped off or picked up at your convenience. For long-term storage, the option to buy containers is very appealing.

4. More Container Options

Self-storage facilities have limited options. All units are in the same building or set of buildings. You also have little in the way of environmental control. Many times, this means refrigerated storage requests will not be honored. In the places that can accommodate these requests, they are often quite pricey. On-site storage containers are cheaper and can be tailored to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all paradigm with on-site storage containers.

5. More Economical Than Off-Site Options

Off-site storage appears to be less expensive, but look closer. What is the cost of transporting items? Also, your time has financial value. You can’t afford to spend it in transit. Often, self-storage facilities have one size, this could be too big or too small. You’ll end up paying more in some way, shape, form. Instead, choose on-site storage containers because there are more sizes of storage containers available without the added expense.

How to Get Your On-Site Storage Container

Households and businesses needing storage often default to off-site facilities. Unfortunately, once they realize on-site storage is an option, it’s too late and they’re locked into a contract. Then years pass by and thousands of dollars have been wasted. Don’t make this mistake! Save time, money, and aggravation by getting your own on-site storage container today!