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New 20 ft Shipping Container Standard 8 ft 6 in High


Quick Specs:

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Product Specifications

A 20-foot shipping container is in excellent condition and has only been used once. It’s nearly as good as new in the United States. It’s guaranteed Wind and Water Tight, so it’ll be structurally sound when you get it. The doors are in good working order, ensuring that your things stay dry and safe. It’s perfect for on-site storage in environments where appearance is key. Get a free estimate here.



Includes delivery to the ground.


Customer must have crane or forklift capable of unloading container(s).


We will load the container.


IICL – An IICL grade shipping container includes new and used containers that meet or exceeds the more stringent inspection requirements set by the Institute of International Container lessors (IICL). An IICL grade container has been inspected and deemed to be structurally sound and safe for international transport by sea, rail and road. The IICL shipping containers may have original paint, surface rust, dents, repairs and abrasions as result of extensive use in worldwide shipping but these defects must fall within IICL6 criteria. An used IICL container will look better than most WWT containers but if appearance in important we suggest upgrading to a new IICL shipping container. The floor on a IICL shipping container can support a small fork lift and it will not have holes but there maybe scratches, repairs and minor delamination. The shipping container doors have been inspected to make sure they close properly. A shipping container sitting on the ground at a customer’s site is different than how the container normally sits on chassis hence the customer may need to shim the container in order to align the doors properly. We can provide details on how this is down and it can usually be taken care of when the container is being delivered. If the hinges are stiff from lack of use we can give directions on how to loosen and lubricate them. If you plan to export the container internationally we can supply independent container survey inspection for an additional charge. This survey inspection will include a 1 page survey inspection report and renewal CSC inspection sticker good for minimum of 6 months.