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Used 40 ft Shipping Container Standard 8 ft 6 in High || Used IICL Conex Storage Container - Tacoma, WA


Quick Specs:

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Product Specifications

IICL-Certified Shipping Containers are new and used containers that have been verified to meet or exceed the most stringent standards of the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL).
nThe IICL shipping containers may have:


  • Original paint
  • n

  • Surface rust
  • n

  • Dents
  • n

  • Repairs
  • n

  • Abrasions as a result of extensive use in worldwide shipping but these defects must fall within IICL6 criteria.
  • n

nA used IICL container will look better than most WWT containers but if appearance is important we suggest upgrading to a new IICL shipping container.  The floor on an IICL shipping container can support a small forklift and it will not have holes but there may be scratches, repairs, and minor delamination.
nIf you plan to export the container internationally we can supply an independent container survey inspection for an additional charge.  This survey inspection will include a 1-page survey inspection report and a renewal CSC inspection sticker good for a minimum of 6 months. Contact us to learn more.



Includes delivery to the ground.


Customer must have crane or forklift capable of unloading container(s).


We will load the container.