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Used Non Working 40 ft Refrigerated Shipping Container High Cube 9 ft 6 in High


Quick Specs:

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Product Specifications

This 40-foot High Cube used non-working refrigerated shipping container is in good condition and is guaranteed not to leak. Use it to store goods in locations where it gets very hot or cold. The R30 insulation will keep the inside cooler than the outside and will take longer to heat up or cool down. You can also attach an air conditioner to the back if needed. Externally, it will have original paint, shipping line markings, surface rust, and dents from 10-13 years of heavy-duty shipping service. The doors are in good working order and will keep any contents dry and safe. One foot taller, it will give you more vertical storage space. Get a free quote here.



Includes delivery to the ground.


Customer must have crane or forklift capable of unloading container(s).


We will load the container.


As Is – The shipping container may or may not have been inspected. If the container was inspected it has been determined that there are damage issues that are too costly to repair to make the container Wind and Water Tight. The damage issues may include holes, broken flooring, rust and other structural issues. Because of these issues the container is being sold at a discount and the customer is purchasing in As Is grade condition. There is no warranty offered.