Shipping Containers Delivery Cost, Options & Preparations

Shipping containers are big and heavy. They are delivered using large trucks that can weigh over 45,000 lbs. To make sure that the delivery goes smoothly, here are a few factors to check. How Much Do Shipping Container Delivery Cost? The shipping container delivery cost is $300-$400 depending on your location and the distance traveled. We […]

Repurposed Shipping Containers were used to construct a hotel in Round Top, Texas

Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel in Texas As its name suggests,  Flophouze is the ultimate hotel for weary travelers looking to settle down and relax for a few days in a truly unique destination. Set in the middle of a beautiful open green field in Texas, each room is constructed from a repurposed shipping container that […]

Shipping Containers used as a platform for Water Therapy

Shipping Container Yoga Studio Blue Space offers both group and private sessions. They also offer both instructor lead or self-guided classes. The container is equipped with a small deck and two staircases, an external staircase for easy access to the water, and an internal one for easy entry into the shipping container yoga studio. Blue […]

Shipping Containers Combined with Art

Shipping Container Graffiti Used shipping containers have always served all sorts of useful purposes such as storage, transportation, and shelter. Recently, because of their portability, durability, and low cost, artists have been using them to create amazing street art. Graffiti and contemporary artists all over the world who have historically utilized sides of buildings or […]