In the city of Los Angeles, two young entrepreneurs have turned shipping containers into a farm

Storage containers are becoming increasingly popular as a storage option. They combine affordability, durability, and environmental friendliness in a way that no other product does! Because they offer so much flexibility, shipping containers are swiftly increasing in popularity. You can store anything from furnishings to parking lot to grocery store to fresh produce or clothes in […]

The first container restaurant in Detroit is still open after six years

Nowadays, restaurants that are made from shipping containers are popping up all over the place. But this new trend wasn’t the norm in 2016 when a popular shipping container restaurant in Detroit opened for business and is still going strong today. Detroit shipping container restaurant and bar, called The Fountain, opened in Campus Martius Park in 2016. This […]

Shipping container condo Detroit, MI

Conex Containers are being used and repurposed in a variety of real estate structures, including restaurants, offices, and shopping malls. Shipping container homes are also becoming a housing option for people who want to downsize on square feet while maintaining energy efficient and sustainable green living. In Detroit, a creative architectural company called Three Squared a shipping container […]

A Homeless Shelter In Los Angeles Is Built Using Stacked Shipping Containers

Cities throughout the US that are experiencing a large amount of homelessness are struggling to find the perfect solution for the ever-growing problem. Building safe, clean, and affordable housing that can withstand the elements has been at the forefront of the issue. Creating housing for the homeless and obtaining funding is often a slow-going process, […]

How to Open a Coffee Shop from a Shipping Container

How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Coffee Shop If you’re thinking about opening up your own coffee shop, here’s why starting with a shipping  container may be a great idea. Shipping containers are the perfect size for a quaint coffee shop. Both the 20’ and the 40’ containers would give your coffee shop that cozy […]

A coffee shop built in a shipping container as a second home for freelancers

In today’s diverse economy Freelancers have become a vital component of the labor force. More and more people, especially post-pandemic, stopped reporting to traditional offices and now have the opportunity to work remotely from home. The income gap between freelance workers and full-time employees has essentially closed and there is money to be made in […]